FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crowdfindly?

Crowdfindly is a new curated website for crowdfunding design and technology projects. People can follow the journey from ‘Coming soon’ to ‘Live Now’. Crowdfindly has already got a mass following on social media channels. Its Facebook page boasts over 25,000 fans and many of the design/tech content posted goes onto have viral success, with thousands of likes and shares.

Our website allows users to discover the newest and freshest crowdfunding projects out there.  We only put what we believe are highest quality projects on our website.

How do projects get submitted on Crowdfindly?

Submitting a project is a simple process just fill in the relevant sections on the {register your startup} screen and select the appropriate package you want.

What happens next?

Once submitted our team will look at the project to see if it meets our internal criteria and fit for our site. Once approved in accordance with the package chosen it will be uploaded onto the site. If you do not meet our internal criteria we let you know or if there is anything you can do to push your submission through.

How can I tell the status of my start up?

Our team works both UK and US hours, once submitted your project will be looked at within a day. If there are an issues do not hesitate to contact us as info@crowdfindly.com.

How can the post be edited?

Only our team can edit posts, if you want anything edited just contact our team at info@crowdfindly.com.

What is the difference between a ‘featured’ and ‘listing’?                            

A featured project/start-up will be feature prominently on the front-page of the website where as a listing means it will be published but unlikely to feature on the front page.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is simple, using your twitter login simply sign-in with Twitter, don’t worry We won’t tweet on your behalf without your explicit approval.

What do the hearts mean on each individual post?

Once logged in (explained above) click on the heart to up vote projects you like, the more hearts it receives the higher chance it will becomes trending.

How do I get my start-up trending?

This section shows our most popular projects, for this we take into account a few metrics such as tweets and hearts. These are not the only ones, essentially the more engagement your start up receives the higher chances it has of trending.