1- PaMU

padmate pamu earbuds

PaMu are wireless earbuds that have a unique ergonomic design to stop them from falling off your ears. PaMu has many features such as auto-Pairing, you can connect the earbuds smartphone and you are ready to go in just seconds.

It also comes with Intuitive Touch Control with Microphone so you can play your music and be able to answer calls, without having to touch your phone.

PaMu by Padmate have other features such as the earbuds are totally waterproof, they keep rain and moisture out to keep you focused on your activities.

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2- Hidizs DH1000

hidizs dh1000

Hidizs DH1000 is a dual balanced DAC/amplifier. The dual DACs are designed to maximize the stereo separation. With its dual-channel headphone amplifiers to give you the best quality sound.

Hidizs DH1000 has a lot of amazing features, there is no battery required, it can support various devices such as iPhone, Android devices, iPad and others. Furthermore, it gives you a truly dual balanced output and drive more power through your headphones.

DH1000 comes with separate data and charge USB ports, allowing users to charge the devices on the go from a portable power bank.

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3- Picolor


Picolor is the first device of its kind. It is truly a unique product that allows you to produce your own colours. You are able to produce more than 1 million colours with Picolor.

It is the perfect device for artistic people, and it uses a special mechanism to product the exact colour you desire. It is very simple to use, and you create the colours you want using the connected app.

Picolor comes with its own marker and you can use the device for interior design, nail polish, paint covering for your car and more.

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4- UPstage 360

upstage 360

UPstage 360 is a smart speaker. As the name suggests, it uses a 3-way system to give you amazing sound quality in 360 degrees that can fill the whole room.

UPstage 360 has a 120W output, it is portable and can be used for frequency therapy. It can give you a truly omni-directional experience using the latest sound technology.

Using Upstage 360 for frequency therapy can help you stay calm, focused, and relaxed for better sleep quality. The speaker also comes with internal docking with Echo Dot and ChromeCast, and it is compatible with Spotify and Apple Music.

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5- Loomo

loomo mini transporter

Loomo was one of the best robots at CES 2018. It is one of the most talked about products in 2018. Loomo is a mini transporter that is powered by Segway and comes with a powerful AI system.

Loomo is the perfect way to get around and can offer you a smooth and self-balancing ride experience. It also comes with amazing features such as advanced computer vision it can follow you autonomously, record videos and more.

It comes with an amazing battery life, you can use Loomo to travel upto 22 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, you can control Loomo using the mobile app.

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6- Bobby Urban

bobby urban

Bobby Urban is your perfect travel bag, it is made from anti-cut material that keep all your possessions safe and secure. It also comes with hidden zippers and a steel enforced lock.

Not only does Bobby Urban stop your possessions from being stolen, but it comes with other amazing features. It offers a large capacity, RFID protected pockets, addition net that can fit one basketball or helmet on the exterior of the backpack.

Bobby Urban is also water repellent, making it your favourite rugged companion inside or outside of the city.

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7- Sobro Smart Side Table

sobro smart side table

The Sobro Smart Side Table is a smart night stand that can multi-tasks comes with amazing features to improve your night routine.

Sobro Smart Side Table features a wireless charging pad, a cooling drawer and LED lights. Furthermore, you can use the Bluetooth speakers built in the Sobro Smart Side Table to play your relaxing music or sounds.

The Sobro app comes with intelligent sleep mode which helps you create great sleep habits and keep them. It also comes with app-enabled mood lighting. The LED lights are situated on the back of the night stand and can simulate sunrise to help you wake up easier and feeling more refreshed.

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8- NOMATIC Messenger and Laptop Bags

the nomatic messenger and laptop bag

The NOMATIC Messenger and Laptop Bags are two different but functional bags that can help you stay organised. They are beautifully designed and have distinct features which makes them very useful for everyday life.

Some of the amazing features of the Messenger and Laptop Bags include a magnetic strap. The magnetic strap can be easily clipped on or off whenever you like. Furthermore, the bags contain a documents pocket, a retractable key leash, and sunglasses shell.

The bags are very spacious and come with various compartments. For your added protection, there is a lockable RFID safe pocket.

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