8 crowdfunding projects of the week

1- Stappone

stappone insole

Stappone is a shoe insole that can scan your body to collect health data. The device is able to recognise problems with your body, such as your posture

Some of the data that can be scanned by Stappone include weight, calories , daily activities and more. Stappone uses the latest technology and GPS sensors, accelerometers, and location trackers that collect immense amounts of information.

It comes with an app which uses the information that is collected by the insole and translates it into an interface that is understandable, helpful, and easy-to-use.

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morror smart makeup assistant

Morror is a smart mirror that that features a personal makeup assistant. MORROR comes with appropriate lighting and is pre-installed with the latest makeup and skincare tutorials.

MORROR has plenty of other amazing features such as Pro-Lux Lighting System, weather display, time display, detachable magnifying mirror and more.

This smart mirror is very It’s super easy to use . All you have to do is double tap the control panel to turn on the light and slide to adjust the brightness.

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3- X-ONE H1

x-one h1 watch

X-ONE H1 is a Swiss-made hybrid smartwatch. It combines a Swiss-made automatic caliber SW200 movement and smart features that can be found on the latest smartwatches.

It comes with amazing smart features such as smartphone app, lost phone, stopwatch, notifications, alarm clock and more.

X-ONE H1 also comes with a perpetual calendar which displays the day and month with accuracy and doesn’t require annual adjustments, even during leap years.

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shiftcam 2.0 case

SHIFTCAM 2.0 is a unique phone case that is designed for the latest iPhone models 7 , 8 and iPhone X. The phone case comes with lenses that can enhance the quality of your pictures.

The lenses are interchangeable and give you the freedom to capture images of the highest-quality without having to spend money on expensive lenses and equipment.

Some of the types of lenses that come with the SHIFTCAM 2.0 include telephoto, wide angle, fisheye and traditional macro.

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5- FLOW™

FLOW™ breathing sensor

FLOW™ is the first sensor that can measure your breathing while you are exercising.
It gives you metrics that have only been used by professional athletes and presents it in a simple way for you to analyse.

Some of the metrics that can be measured by FLOW™ include blood flow, ventilatory threshold, heart-rate and breathing pattern.

FLOW™ also gives you the “sweet spot” which is the optimal place where your fitness high occurs. It does this by analysing all the data it collects and present it to you on a mobile app.

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6- The Duffle Backpack Sport

the duffle backpack sport

The Duffle Backpack Sport is a backpack by Wool and Oak. It comes in different sets for you to choose from.

The different sets are Voyager, Weekender, Overnighter and the Pro. Each of the bags are designed to be lightweight and water-resistant and feature sleeves for all your essential devices.

It is the perfect backpack to carry all your gear whether it is for work, travel, sport and adventures.

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7- LeviZen


LeviZen is a one of a kind product that gives you the ability to levitate water and other liquids. LeviZen makes you experience water in zero gravity in first person.

LeviZen uses high frequency sound waves (silent acoustics) which we can not heard by human ears to levitate liquids. LeviZen also uses two LED lights to make the liquids glow while levitating.

You can use LeviZen anywhere from your office to your home, so you can impress people with this unique and amazing product.

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8- Light Phone 2

light phone 2

Light Phone 2 is a simple and unique 4G phone that removes all the distractions of having a smartphone. It allows you to enjoy your life in general without being distracted with all the apps that are available on smartphones.

The phone has a beautiful and simple design and only features essential tools and applications such as messaging, alarm clock, calculator and phone.

The Light Phone 2 comes in two colours, a beautiful black and white matte E-ink display. The phone is very durable and easy to use and can improve the overall quality of your life.

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