8 crowdfunding projects of the week


1- FitNeck Pro

fitneck pro

FitNeck Pro is a device that can strengthen your neck muscles to realign your head back over your body. It can correct your posture and help you eliminate neck and back pain.

FitNeck Pro can be use for just 1 or 2 mins everyday to prevent injury, relieve pain and fatigue caused by neck strain. It is designed to make you look better, and feel healthier.

The device has been tested and it is recommended by doctors. FitNeck Pro can be used by everyone and it is very simple to set up.

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2- ARMA Watch

arma watch

ARMA Watch is beautiful and stylish watch that is inspired by military watches during WWII.  ARMA Watch draws on the best and most interesting details of watches worn by US and European military men.

The timepiece converts the older details and turn them into a modern, attractive and fresh shape. The watch is available in two different models, Sherman and Avenger.

The ARMA Watch doesn’t just look great, it comes with amazing features such as 316L stainless steel, Seagull TY 3620 Movement, 5 ATM water resistant and more.

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3- Serman Brand 5.S

serman brands 5.s

Serman Brands 5.S is a elegant wallet that can enhance the organization of your cards and cash. This wallet is also designed with RFID blocking technology to protect you from theft.

Serman Brand 5.S comes in four different colours, Charcoal Black, Texas Brown, California Desert, Canyon Red.  It is also equipped with convenient cash slot with easy accessible id and card pocket.

The wallet also comes with  a Smart Tab to help you keep your wallet organised. By pulling the tab you can access 3-5 cards.

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4- Dock

dock wireless charger

Dock is an all in one charging solution. You can use Dock to wirelessly charge your smart devices. Dock support both Apple and Android devices.

Dock comes with a wireless watch charger that can be adjusted so you can use it as a nightstand. It also has wireless Qi charging which doubles as a 6000 mAh power bank.

There are additional features such as a hidden drawer, auto night light and genuine high quality leather.

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5- Clair B2

clair b2 air purifier

Clair B2 is an air purifier with awesome features. Clair B2 captures harmful particles around you so you can breath fresh and clean air.

Clair B2 is very compact and you can take it with you wherever you go. It can reduce pollutants in the air around you by more than 50%. It is especially ideal for those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.

Other features of Clair B2 include a rechargeable battery, high-quality Bluetooth speaker, LED display and more. You can use the Clair B2 app so you can enjoy soothing sounds whenever you like.

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6- DroneMax 360

dronemax 360

DroneMax 360 is the ultimate power station that can charge your drone batteries and up to 10 devices simultaneously. It is compact and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you need it.

DroneMax 360 is designed for drone users who require frequent battery charging. DroneMax 360 allows you to charge multiple drone batteries at the same time. It can also be used to charge other devices such as smartphones, laptops, cameras and even mini fridges.

DroneMax 360 offers super fast charging and  it is very powerful. It is also very durable and designed for the outdoors.

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7- Mercury Jacket

ministry of supply mercury jacket

Mercury Jacket is the smartest jacket in the world. Mercury Jacket is a heated jacket features many amazing technological features. You can control when you want the jacket to heat up by using your voice.

Mercury Jacket is the ultimate jacket to keep you warm during winter and it can repel wind, snow, water and odors. Mercury is beautifully designed and can suit different lifestyles. It also has features which include  multiple pockets, wireless phone charging and a removable hood.

Mercury Jacket is intelligent and it uses a smart thermostat which reacts to your environment, and turns the heat on or off depending on the temperature.

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8- Snoozle

snoozle alarm

Snoozle is a smart alarm that is designed to stop you snoozing.  Snoozing your alarm multiple times before you wake up is not good for your health.

Snoozle alarm helps you wake up more energetic and refreshed. Snoozle works in a very clever way. The alarm is made of up two parts, the Snoozle Alarm and Snoozle Base. You place the base somewhere far, like in the toilet or kitchen. When the alarm rings in the morning, it does not go off until it is placed on the base.

This will force you to wake up and start your daily routine.  Snoozle alarm has a beautiful design and comes with features such as LED display.

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