8 crowdfunding projects of the week

1- Lion City 1 Watch

lion city watch

Lion Watch is a beautifully designed watch and designed with a passion for Singapore. Just like Singapore is a mixture of a multitude of vibrant cultures with rich histories, Lion City draws inspiration from some of the best watchmakers.

Lion City is designed in a very unique way that sets it apart from other watches. The watch movement uses the Japanese Miyota 9132 Calibre, which provides lky smooth sweeping seconds hand beating at 28,800bph.

Lion City has a double domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on the inside of the glass and creative caseback design.

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2- DreamLight

dreamlight sleep mask

DreamLight is a smart sleep mask that uses sound, light and genetics to help you sleep fast and wake up refreshed.

DreamLight has amazing features that make it the smartest sleep mask in the world. Some of these features include sleep-aid audio, comfort, genetic insights, sleep monitoring and others.

DreamLight is designed in a way to keep away pressure from sensitive areas in your face to give you the best comfort. It also comes with a connected app so you can analyse your sleep quality, customise your sounds and more.

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3- PocketStar

pocketstar retro

Pocketstar is a keychain sized game console that can run all your favourite retro games. All you have to do is insert a Micro-SD Card to play games and view the content. You can use the PocketStar Gallery to download games, pixel arts and animations.

The games you can play on PocketStar are classics for the last 4 decades, some of the games you can play include tiny invaders, snake, gravity, PacMan and more. It also comes with other simple apps such as a calculator, timer, dice and counter.

You can also create your own games for the PocketStar with the Arduino software.

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4- Plux

plux wireless charger

Plux is an elegant and stylish wireless charger that can be used for multi-device charging. You can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time.

Plux offers a fast wireless charging experience with up to 10W of power and it adopts Qi wireless technology.

You can also use Plux as a kickstand so you can enjoy your FaceTime calls or NightStand mode. It also comes with safety features such as overcharge prevention.

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5- Baubax 2.0

baubax 2.0

Baubax 2.0 is the best travel jacket in the world. It comes with 25 features that you will not find in any other jacket. It is the perfect jacket for travellers because it has many useful features.

Some of the features include an inflatable neck pillow, an eye mask, a travel footrest, a travel blanket and many more. You have a choice of different styles, 4 styles each for both men and women.

Once you choose your favourite Baubax 2.0 style, you can choose from different colours which are black, blue, red and olive.

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6- Nireeka

nireeka ebike

Nireeka is a smart bike that comes with a powerful electric motor. It is made from a lightweight carbon fibre frame and it is very affordable.

Nireeka comes with many amazing technological features. Some of these features include assist mode based on heartbeat, GPS navigator, autolight with 3 different styles and blind spot radar.

Nireeka only weighs 15 KG because of the carbon fiber frame. The electric motor can give 500W of power and a 20 MPH speed, Nireeka has a range of 50 miles.

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7- Aura Band

aura band

Aura band is a smart band that can track your fitness and health. Aura Band can tell you about fat and muscles changes and it can give insights about your health.

Aura Band can also monitor your heart rate , it will monitor your heart rate every 15 minutes while you are resting and constantly while you are working out. It also tracks your daily activities such as your steps whether you are jogging or walking.

Aura Band collects and analyzes all this data and offer you personalised tips based on your health goals.

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8- Rite Press

rite press

Rite Press is a French press that is built a thermometer and timer in to ensure an amazing cup of coffee or tea every time. It allows you to create your perfect cup of tea or coffee in under 4 minutes.

Rite Press has also other features such as a double insulated wall, a removable bottom and a magnetic hourglass.

Rite Press is very easy to use can be used for both hot and cold brews. It comes in a two different colours and two different sizes.You have a choice of black or silver and half a liter or 1 liter in size.

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