8 Crowdfunding projects of the week

1- Lucnt SRL 1

lucnt srl 1 bike light

Lucnt SRL 1 is smart bike light that is designed. Lucnt SRL1 functions the same as a car’s brake lights. It uses different sensors and smart algorithms to sense when you slow down or accelerate. It will then increase your visibility on the road.

There is no need for a power switch with Lucnt SRL 1. It is automatically activated by the magnets in the bike mount, and it is very efficient and one charge can last you for 20 hours.

It is one of the smartest bike lights available and it will help you be spotted by drivers and road users by increasing your visibility .

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2- Havok

havok world traveller

Havok have designed a watch that is perfectly suited for travellers. World Traveller is watch designed to show 24 time zones at the same time.

It has amazing features such as stainless steel, water resistant, Swiss movement , Sapphire crystals and full grain leather. It uses a clever dual-layer rotating disc system, we are able to reverse engineer the first quartz hybrid world timer using a Swiss GMT movement.

It is perfect for people who travel often , people who make business calls internationally, and it comes with very affordable price tag.

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3- SonarPen


SonarPen is smart pen that is battery-free smart pen for your ipad and tablets. It works by connecting to the audio port on the iPad or tablets.

SonarPen allows you control the strokes on the screen by sensing the pressure from your hand to give you great accuracy when you are drawing so you can create professional painting. It is also great for taking notes , urban sketching or just doodling.

SonarPen has the same features as a smart pens that are available. Some of the features include palm rejection, shortcut button and pressure sensitivity. SonarPen is also available in a wide range of colours and comes with a pen holder.

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napospy gloves

NAPOSPY are the most advanced leather gloves in the world. The gloves are equipped with tracking technology, permanent touchscreen functionality and the highest quality leather.

You will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone when you have left your gloves behind. You can even find one or both gloves on the map.

It is made from the highest quality Ethiopian Lambskin,making it very durable and you won’t have to replace your gloves again.

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5- N-Tech

n-tech 4k projector

N-Tech is a smart projector that can display amazing 4K quality. It is portable, wireless and can rotate 360 degrees. The 360 degree movement allows you to quickly calibrate your projector to whatever surface you want.

N-Tech can be used indoors or outdoors and even on your ceiling. With N-Tech you don’t need to buy any addition speakers, because it has 4 high quality speakers built-in.

N-Tech projector is very compact and you can take it with you wherever you go. It has other amazing features like Bluetooth, WiFi, storage and others.

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6- LightCam

lightcam home security

LightCam is the smart security camera combined with a smart light bulb keep you connected to your home. There is no need for running wires, drilling holes, monthly fees, or sacrificing the privacy of your home.

LightCam comes with amazing features such as motion alerts, full HD streaming to your mobile device at 1080P and it is fully adjustable, so you can choose the best viewing angle.

LightCam is very simple to set up, all you have to do is twist it into the light socket you want. LightCam is weather and it can enable you to see in the dark with the night vision mode.

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7- Elemental NoteBooks

elemental notebooks

Elemental NoteBooks are high quality notebooks that have different themes based on elements on the periodic table.

The Elemental NoteBooks are made from durable material and acid-free fine-grain paper. Each notebook comes with two colour-matched bookmark ribbons and the size of the paper is A5 (5.8” x 8.3”) and 192 pages.

It is currently available in four different versions which are Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen and each book has it own style and colour.

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8- SmartTerra

smartterra ecosystem

SmartTerra is a smart terrarium that allows you to perfectly control the environment of your ecosystem. You don’t have to worry about creating just the right climate for your plants and remembering to water them often anymore.

SmartTerra has a range of amazing features such as rainstorm/lightning simulation, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, built-in speaker, Bluetooth connection and more.

You can control everything through the SmartTerra phone app. You can control the humidity, moisture, temperature, or light levels. Some of the sound modes include ocean waves, rain, tropical forest and more.

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