8 Crowdfunding projects of the week

1- TranSay 

transay touch
TranSay is a two-way AI translator that can translate more than 30 different languages instantly. It is very easy to use and has a small display touchscreen.

Some of the languages that are supported include Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, French and many more. TranSay has an amazing battery life of 8 hours and 3 days on standby. So if you are travelling, it will keep running for most of the day.

TranSay can also be used as a WiFi hotspot and can last for up to 4 hours.

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2- Peren Nera

peren nera watch
Peren Nera is a beautifully designed watch that draws its inspiration from Devil’s Lake in Transylvania. The watch is designed according to the Neo-Vintage design code.

Peren Nera uses premium quality raw materials , the elements that compose the watches are individually selected from different suppliers and tested to make sure they are of top quality and can last.

The watch is both designed and manufactured in Switzerland which gives it the true meaning of “made in Switzerland. Peren Nera comes with luxury watch features including a leather strap and stainless steel.

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3- Kevin

kevin by mitipi
Kevin is a smart virtual roommate that can simulate the presence of people in a room by emitting light, shadow effects, and sound. This is going to fool burglars into thinking that there is someone home.

Kevin is very simple to use and can be controlled by your smartphone and it uses smart logic to adapt to different situations.

Some of the factors that Kevin uses when protecting your home include location, language, weather and more to produce the correct simulation.

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4- GoSpace

gospace storage

GoSpace is a portable and cloud that holds all your files with and comes with 5G wireless, which is faster than ever and allows you to stream content wirelessly.

The storage space on GoSpace can be extended without limit and it can also connect with up to 8 devices simultaneously.

GoSpace is small and has a stylish design and has other features which include Qi charging and can connect Dropbox and Google Drive.

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5- Aurga 

aurga camera assistant

Aurga is a smart assistant for your DSLR camera. It is built with an AI-powered system that tells the DSLR the best configuration settings in any light conditions. You can also connect Aurga to your smartphone and remotely control your DSLR.

Using your smartphone to take the shots will reduce the impact of handshaking and allows you shoot better quality pictures.

Aurga comes with its own storage system and can hold up to 256GB of photos and videos. Furthermore, you can share your photos or videos directly to your social media without needing to upload them to your laptop.

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6- Traditum


traditum watch
Our second watch on this week’s list is Traditum. It is a Swiss made timepiece that offers premium features such as anti-scratch Sapphire and has a transparent case back.

It is available in two different distinct series. Arabica and Roman. Arabica comes with polished silver hands, Black Calf Italian leather straps and stainless steel. It is designed to be a true classic dress watch with a twist of contemporary.

On the other hand, Roman is designed with an elegant historic design with the same premium features as Arabica. Both series come in a variety of colours.

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7- Enclave

enclave headphones

Enclave are headphones that a designed to fit perfectly. The headphones can produce premium sound quality and it also comes with noise cancelling technology.

Enclave headphones can also protect your ears and its other features include 5 hours battery-life, Bluetooth, app enables and more.

Enclave is also designed to handle any sports activity that you participate in. The earbuds are angled to fit the ear canal perfectly, and the hook design ensures that it will stay on for your toughest workouts.

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8- Mr ESP 1

mr esp 1
Mr ESP1 is a smart device helps you take control of your mind. It has the ability to increase your brain activity and comes with an open source for Ardurino developer.

Mr ESP 1 can improve your mental health overall by allowing you to meditate and improve your concentration levels.

Mr. ESP 1 is very safe to use and it does not include any harmful electrical signals or radiation and it can be used by children and pregnant women. Its comfortable design, created using soft rubber makes it easy to wear for a long time.
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