8 crowdfunding projects of the week 15th of December

We have rounded up our 8 projects of the week. These are some of the coolest technology and design products available online today.

1- Scentee Machina

scentee machina
Scentee Machina is a smart diffuser with the latest AI technology and can be controlled from your smartphone. You can have different fragrances and choose which one goes off straight from your smartphone device.

Scentee Machina can be used in different places such as the bedroom, living room, bathroom, office and so on. You can choose from a variety of fragrances such as vanilla, coffee, sandalwood, chocolate and many more.

You can use the Scentee Machina you can switch the device on or off, set a timer so that fragrances are let off. You can also choose the amount of fragrance you want to go off.


This a truly stylish and amazing product that will look fantastic in any space and bring you amazing smelling fragrances wherever you choose.


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2- Dusk

dusk clock
Dusk is a clock that can change it shade depending on the time of day the clock displays. It will go from bright to very dark to give you visuals of light outside.

It is a unique clock that can make you feel the time and can be very useful if you are in a room that has no windows.

Dusk is powered by a single AA battery and you can easily install it and calibrate it to any time zone you choose. Dusk has a modern and sleek design and would look great in any room or office.

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3- HyperDrive

hyperdrive wireless charger
HyperDrive USB-C Hub comes with 8-in-1 ports and can wireless charge different devices and it is works with IOS and Android.

You can use HyperDrive to wirelessly charge your smartphone in different positions, flat, standing, landscape or portrait. You can use the standing position and landscape mode to watch videos while your phone is charging.

With HyperDrive you can adjust your viewing angles and it produced low temperatures compared with other wireless chargers.

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4- Avya

avya steam inhaler
Avya is an award winning inhalation system. It is a compact steam inhaled designed to give you relief from allergy and sinus related symptoms.

The device is battery-powered but very powerful and can be very effective at clearing nasal passages. It uses NanoParticle saline steam to clear sinuses or relieve your symptoms.

Avya can be used to better your breathing even if you don’t suffer from extreme conditions and will be beneficial to people who are singers, public speakers and radio DJs.



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5- Gpd Win 2

gpd win 2
Gpd Win 2 is the latest version of the GDP Win. It is a handheld game console that can be used to run AAA games. The console runs on Windows 10.

Gdp Win 2 is powerful and can run games like GTA 5. You can enjoy games for longer with an amazing battery life of 6-8 hours of gameplay. It features a 6 inch display touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×720 to give you amazing graphics.

Gpd Win 2 comes with a full keyboard , customisable cover design and different ports which include micro HDMI and micro SD.

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6- WideWheel

widewheel e-scooter
WideWheel is a powerful and compact electric scooter. It features extra wide wheels to give you a comfortable and smooth ride. The scooter comes with both front and rear suspension to make it safer and increase comfort while you are riding. WideWheel has an attractive aerodynamic design that will make it stand out.

Apart from the stylish looks and extra comfort it gives you, WideWheel has a powerful motor and features climbing hill torque. It is lightweight and comes with a high-efficiency Lithium Ion battery.

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7- Yaw VR

yaw vr
Yaw VR is a compact virtual reality motion simulator. It is designed to be lightweight and can give you an immersive gaming experience wherever you take it.

Yaw VR weighs less the 15 KG and can perform 360 degree movement.It is designed with an adjustable pedal, and a holder for your joystick or steering wheel.

The simulator comes in different colours and designs and it is compatible with well know VR headsets such and Oculus and HTC Vive.

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idmix power bank
IDMIX is an ultra fast power-bank. It can charge wirelessly or wired and can work with IOS and Android devices. It comes in two versions, one with 8000 mAh and the other with a massive 18,000 mAh capacity. You can use it to charge a variety of devices and gadgets such as smartwatch, Fitbit, tablet and more.

With IDMIX you can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. It comes with the latest Qi wireless technology and it is MFi certified. IDMIX has a slim and stylish design that looks great.

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