8 Crowdfunding projects of the week – 8th of January 2018


We have rounded up our 8 projects of the week. These are some of the coolest technology and design products available online today.


1- Jedeye

jedeye camera

Jedeye is a very stylish stereo camera. The Jedeye camera has the ability to take 3D images and videos even in extreme low light conditions.

Jedeye is very simple to use, you can use it to record yourself or it can be connected to the provided mobile app. Once you have recorded your videos, you can view them on VR headsets and 3D televisions.

It has a stylish design and you can share your videos on 3D-capable social networks.


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2- Fitt360

fitt360 neckband

Fitt360 is an amazing neckband that comes with 3 cameras to give you 360 degree experience. It is completely hands-free and you can record amazing videos to share with your friends and family.

You can use it anywhere, whether you are skiing, cycling, or going on adventures, Fitt360 will make it easy to capture the moments that matter.

Fitt360 has two cameras at the back and one front facing camera. You can use it to live-stream via social networks and can also be used as a Bluetooth headset to listen to music or answer calls.


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3- Foreo UFO

foreo ufo face mask

Foreo UFO is the new way to use your face mask. It is an advanced face mask that use can use to treat your face in 90 seconds. It will save you a lot of time using traditional face masks that have to be applied to 20 minutes or so.

Foreo UFO will leave your face smoother, softer and brighter by using hyper-infusion technology that can give long lasting results. It also uses LED light therapy so you can enjoy premium treatment from the comfort of your own home.

It comes with an app to give you treatment routines to give you the best skin care. It has been featured  Fashion Network, Digital Trends and many other major media outlets.


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4- Uniz-UDP

uniz-udp 3d printers

Uniz-UDP are a set of three printers that deliver the world’s fastest 3D printing. These printers use the latest UDP technology that improve on older generation 3D printers.

The printers are very simple to use and give professional-grade and high resolution quality printing in a very short time. The Uniz-UDP consists of three different printers.

Slash OL is a desktop printer that is perfect for consumer artists and designers, Slash Pro is more advanced and is perfect for professionals. The biggest and the fastest of them printers is the ZSLTV-M which is suited to true professionals.


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5- Apollo

apollo charger

Apollo is a USB-CPD powerbank that can be used to charge all your latest devices at high speeds. It has a graphene composite graphene battery and it is the first portable powerbank to use it.

Apollo powerbank can fully charge itself in 20 minutes. It is compatible with USB C adapters so you don’t need to bring a separate adapter. It is compatible with laptops such as Apple Macbook, Lenovo, Dell and more.

It has a capacity of 6000 mAh, and can fast charge the latest iPhone models like the iPhone X and Iphone 8 Plus.


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6-  KKA S1

KKA S1 skateboard

KKA S1 is the first of its kind electric skateboard. It has changed the skateboarding game forever, it gives you the feeling of skiing and surfing.

KKA S1 is fast, flexible and durable that it can be used off-road. It has a small turning radius, a strong motor, large battery and many other features to give you the best skateboarding experience.

Furthermore, it is water resistant and comes with large tyres that can handle different road conditions. It features both a headlight and flash tail light for your night skateboarding. It is controlled by a Bluetooth remote and you can use it to brake, reverse and accelerate.


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7- Tabs

tabs gps tracker

Tabs is a subscription-free GPS tracker and Smart Home Solution designed to keep your home and family safe.  Tabs comes with a main hub, mini hub, wristband locator, object locator and sticker sheets.

The devices are managed by a mobile app. It is a low-cost complete security system, has long-range signal and long-lasting power. It can cover for a range up to a mile so you can know where your child or other family members are.

Tabs has also other features such as house temperature measuring, and safe internet browsing for your kids.


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8- Meridiem Watch

meridiem watches

The latest timepiece from Meridiem Watches is the GMT01- Dual watch which is user-friendly, reliable and comes with Swiss movement.

This impressive watch comes with many other premium features which include: Sapphire glass, 316L stainless steel, strap/band with a quick release pin and Italian leather.

The collection of the GMT01-Dual are: Sunlight Silver, Twilight Blue and Midnight Black. Each designed to suit the tastes of different people. Being a dual watch , this watch lets you tell the time in two different locations at the same time.


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