8 crowdfunding projects of the week – 25th of December

We have rounded up our 8 projects of the week.  These are some of the coolest technology and design products available online today.

1-  VascoPillow

vasco travel pillow


VascoPillow is a travel pillow that can solve problems such as neck pain and sleep disorders. It is made from memory foam material that can keep your neck straight and prevent numbness.

The pillow also comes with a massage features that has 6 modes. These deep tissue massage modes can relieve stress and pressure in the neck.

VascoPillow is made from is made from luxury soft material and very versatile so it can be used anywhere from your office, train journey, car and more. It comes with a heating mode that can relieve your headaches.


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2- Lance Glasses

lance glasses


Lance Glasses are one of the coolest glasses in the world. Lance Glasses are designed in France and offer a 10 year warranty.

Each pair of glasses come with 20 features which include: nanotechnology lenses, flexible frame, comfortable nose pads, anti-scratch and many more.

You are also able to use the transition technology.Fade Lenses adjust instantly from clear to dark and every shade in between.


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3- Universal Lens Cap

universal lens cap


Universal Lens Cap is a Silicon Lens Cap that is designed to fit every lens. It can protect your lens from damage, water, dirt and more. The Universal Lens Cap are also shock absorbent, so you do not have to worry about dropping your camera lens.

Universal Lens Cap are designed to protect your expensive camera lenses from any kind of damage. The ULC is made of silicone and come with a lifetime warranty.Universal Lens Caps can fit all lenses, they will securely protect lenses from damage, water, dust, dirt and more.

ULC is not just designed to protect your camera lens from damage like water and dirt. ULC can actually protect your lens if you drop it. It is completely shock absorbent.


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4- UniLid


UniLid as the name suggests is a universal lid that can fit all shapes and sizes. You can turn anything into instant storage.

It is very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. It can be used on all sizes of containers, pots, bowls and you can even use it to cover vegetables and fruits. UniLid also comes with a food tracking feature , to prevent you from using expired food.

Using UniLid is very beneficial to the environment, and can cut down the usage of plastic, as it is made from environmentally friendly silicone.


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5- Hiku

Hiku Coffee grinder


Have you ever wanted to grind your own coffee with precision? Well look no further than Hiku the premium hand coffee grinder.

Hiku is a portable coffee grinder that does not require electricity and it is operated by using your hands. It can hold up to 50 g of coffee which is can fill five cups. It is made from stainless steel that can deliver a smooth coffee grind.

It is designed to be completely portable. It is very lightweight, weighing less than 1 KG, so you can grind your own coffee wherever you go.


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6- QuikSnap

quiksnap sunshade

QuikSnap are improved and redesigned sunshades for your vehicle. It is hassle-free and can be quickly snapped on and snapped off from your car window.

QuickSnap is designed with unique technology that allow it to fit any car window without needing clips, or suction cups.

The sunshades can cover the whole window and provide UV protection, it also comes with anti-glare. They are more legal, affordable and see-through, which gives it an advantage over regular window tints.


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7- Hiby R6

hiby r6 music player

Hiby R6 is music player that comes with a HD touchscreen and Android software. It uses the latest technology to be able to deliver hi-res audio performance.

It comes with 32GB of storage and a battery life of 12 hours of music playback. It is beautifully designed and make it stand out from other music players.

Hiby R6 also comes with Wireless features so you can directly stream music from apps such as Spotify and Tidal.


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8- CineGo


Cinego is a headset that can deliver immersive theatre-quality 4K quality entertainment. Cinego is designed with twin micro- M-OLED screens that can deliver amazing picture quality.

It is so good that it can replace your TV or Ipad for video viewing. It is like have your own personal cinema. You can stream directly to Cinego from platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

The Cinego has other features to give you the best viewing experience. It comes with a 4.5 hour battery life, 3D projection, eye strain free, lightweight and more. All you need to do is plug in your headphones and enjoy the show.


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