Top 8 crowdfunding projects of the week – 18th of December


We have rounded up our 8 projects of the week.  These are some of the coolest technology and design products available online today. 
1- Volt Powerbank

Volta wireless charger

Volt is the world’s first wireless powerbank that can be used to charge 100% of all smartphones. The Volt powerbank is very convenient and can charge your mobile devices very fast.

It can be used in a variety of ways, you can use Volt as a stand for your mobile phone, you can use interchangeable plugs for different  devices or you could use it to wirelessly charge compatible devices.

Volt powerbank has a sleek design, and you can charge more with the Volt Hive which is an  integrated dock station housing 5 portable VOLT chargers for your family.

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2- Sitpack Zen

sitpack zen

Sitpack Zen is a portable seating for that you can carry around and use anywhere you like. It is very light weighing around 0.3 KG and can hold anyone weighing upto 136 KG.

Sitpack Zen’s design can be adjusted to different heights and it can improve your posture.  Using Sitpack Zen at the office or other places you can train and maintain a good posture. A good posture can boosts your energy levels, your motivation and your concentration.

By using the Sitpack Zen for only 30 minutes a day, you will start feeling the difference. It is also perfect for travelling, and it is very easy to carry and comes with a shoulder strap.


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3- Vessi

vessi shoes

Vessi shoes are completely waterproof. You can use these shoes in all types of weather without your feet getting wet.

It is made from Flash Knit material that protect your feet from getting wet and makes the shoes very easy to clean. You get 100% protection up to your ankles.

Vessi shoes are very light and unlike other waterproof shoes, they allow your feet to breathe which reduces sweat and odor build up.


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4- OneManBand



OneManBand uses both software and hardware which allow you to play the guitar in a completely new way.  OneManBand uses a unique kind of technology which is able to detect signals from the strings and convert them to digital data.

It allows you to add different sounds and style to your guitar. You can use it in a variety of ways, for example, the auto-playback feature allows you to play your own songs with an auto backup band.

The instrument-swap mode allows you to play the guitar but hear different instruments such as the piano, drums, violin and others. OneManBand allows you to be creative and make amazing music.


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5- Pitta

pitta selfie drone


Pitta is a device that can be used in a variety of ways so you can take pictures and video recording to new levels. Pitta can transform into a flying drone, handheld mode or mounted mode.

Pitta is a small and lightweight devices that is easy to carry and use wherever you go. It has amazing features that allow you to get very creative when taking pictures or recording videos. For example, the auto-follow mode can be used to record videos with the Pitta drone flying and following from a distance.

Furthermore, Pitta can be used as a camera for home security that can stream live feed to your mobile wherever you are.


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6- Wekey Pocket 2

wekey pocket 2

Wekey Pocket 2 is a keyboard that is very small and compact that you can carry in your pocket. It is the world’s thinnest and lightest keyboard.

Wekey Pocket 2 is a wireless keyboard and can be used with a variety of different devices such as your smartphone, laptop, tablet and others. It is also compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

The battery life on the Wekey Pocket 2 can last upto a month on a single charge. You don’t have to worry about spilling anything on the keyboard as it is water resistant and durable.

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7- Dygma Raise

dygma keyboard

The Dygma Raise is the second keyboard on our top crowdfunding projects of the week. It is a keyboard made for game lovers, it can improve your gaming performance and at the same time giving you comfort and improving your health.

The unique split design of the Dygma Raise make sure that your wrists remain at a neutral angle, so you don’t feel any strain. Furthermore, it can adjusted to different widths between the two halves of the keyboard, to reduce internal shoulder rotation.

The design of the Dygma Raise also makes it perfect for left handed gamers and it comes with a pad and palmrest for added comfort.


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8- Flectr 360

flectr 360


Have you ever been cycling and worried about being visible to road users from all sides. Flectr 360 has introduced the world’s first reflectors for bicycles that will give you 360 degree visibility.

Flectr 360 makes sure you are visible by reflecting a strong beam of light in any direction, it contains metalized cube-corner prisms that ensure highest possible reflection.

Unlike other reflectors, Flectr 360 is designed to keep your bicycle performance unaffected . You can choose from a variety of sizes to fit your wheels perfectly.


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