8 crowdfunding projects of the week – 11th of December


We have rounded up our 8 projects of the week.  These are some of the coolest technology and design products available online today
1- Hudly

Hudly Wireless

Hudly is a wireless head-up display that you place on top of your dashboard and it will display everything you need on your windscreen. It is very beneficial for your safety and others as it will keep your eyes on the road at all times.

The device itself can connect with both Android and IOS devices. HUD technology has been used by fighter jets for decades. It has proven to work effectively. Hudly can display your maps, navigation, calls and text so you don’t take your eyes off the road.

Hudly works in different lighting conditions, so you can drive confidently day or night. Hudly can adapt to your environment and automatically provides brightness and visibility on your windscreen.

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2-  Rayo

rayo bike light

Rayo is a tail-light for your bicycle that is packed with technological features. It is the world’s brightest bicycle tail-light with ultra-bright LEDs. Rayo has many features such as motion detection and Bluetooth connectivity.

Rayo will make your cycling experience better and safe by making sure you get seen by others on the road. It will also automatically detect when you are braking or slowing down to trigger a brake light.

You can customise your own LED lighting patterns  to suit the condition you are cycling in.  Rayo is so bright that it is visible during daylight.


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3-  Axil GhostStryke

axil ghoststryke

Axil GhostStryke earphones are built to protect your ears. They are all in one Bluetooth earphones that can enhance your hearing, protect your ears and they can be used completely hands free.

Axil GhostStryke has the ability to detect loud sounds and block them from entering your ears. They are also designed to make sure they stay in place no matter how rigorous your activities.


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4- Limerence Watches

limerence watch

Limerence have managed to create elegant watches that would look great on any wrist. The limerence watch collections come in a variety of colours and designs to suit different tastes.

Limerence watches are luxurious and come with premium features such as Swiss movement and Italian leather straps. It makes luxurious watches accessible to everyone as it comes with a very affordable price.


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5- CarWink


CarWink have created a genius device that allows you to use emojis and animations to communicate with other drivers while you are driving.

CarWink connects to your smartphone and you can use the app to choose from pre-set phrases such as “thank you” . You can also use fun emojis such as a thumbs up to communicate with other drivers. CarWink also works via voice control and can be powered by both USB and solar power.

It is very easy to install on your windshield and using it will mean you don’t have to stick your arm out of the car window ever again.


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6- LED Mask

LED mask

The LED Mask has changed the mask game forever. This mask has sound reactive technology that will display colours and illuminations. This mask is perfect for music lovers and artistic people to be creative.

The LED Mask can detect and work with any type of music rhythm and turn it into amazing Illuminations and colours. The masks are very light and foldable and can even fit in your pocket.

The straps on the back of the LED Mask are adjustable and there are a variety of styles to choose from to describe your own style. They can also be used as decorations to lighten up your bedroom or living room.


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7- Caply

caply camera

Caply is a wearable camera that is the most lasting in the world. Caply has the ability to record for more than 5 hours of videos. It is very durable and it would be perfect to those who enjoy life’s adventures and the outdoors.

Caply consumes very little energy and can even record 24 time-lapse videos, and an incredible 128GB memory. Caply also comes with a range of accessories so you can use it the camera for different occasions.

It comes with a connected app where you can edit and share your videos and you can also use Caply to live stream.

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8-  The Zanco Tiny T1

zanco tiny t1

The Tiny T1 phone by Zanco is officially the world’s smallest mobile phone. The device is so tiny that it is just a little bit bigger than a £2 coin and smaller than your thumb.

The Zanco Tiny T1 can be very beneficial as a secondary phone or a phone to use if there is an emergency. It can also be a very nice and fun gift to those who love gadgets and cool products.

The mobile phone is fully functional and you can use it to text or call, it is also compatible with all networks.


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